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Maya Angelou's Influence on World Literature

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Maya Angelou's Influence on World Literature
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     Maya Angelou is an international writer that has influenced millions and millions of  people all over the world. Maya Angelou continuously travels to other nations and states to spread her words of wisdom. Maya Angelou is a writer that is able to captivate audiences of all ages, races, and culture. She is a representation of the true hearted literature in America.


     Maya Angelou works have being translated in many languages like Spanish. In the world of literature she has no boundaries, and believes that her words can reach people everywhere. She is world famous, and the style and feeling with which she writes has being an influence for all writers in the world.


      She is a strong, phenomenal woman, that with her fought battles in life, and overcome tragedies has being able to rise. She is an example for every American black woman, white woman, Hispanic woman, and any other woman in the world that is looking for an example to follow. Her life has a universal purpose, for those that are looking for an answer, when things in life don’t turn the right way. She has motivated several other writers to write about their lives, and write their stories for the world.


       She is a international symbol for all those young girls in the world that had to become mothers and fathers before they expected. She is an international symbol that fights against racism, and the downfall of minority races. She is an international representation of American poetry, and how the roots of one life can be lived in words.


     Throughout her life she has giving several interviews, and appeared in television shows like the Oprah Show. Her biography appears in every encyclopedia in the United States, and in the World Wide Web. She is a woman that is love and honored by many, who dedicate their free time to host internet spaces with her pictures poems, and honors. All this things, created with a purpose to influence the world of literature with her poems.


       She is a woman that has created many award winning commentaries including Afro-Americans in the Arts," which was a PBS special show, for which she won the Golden Eagle Award. Maya Angelou is international writer of the play Georgia, which was the first video to be filmed by a black woman.


     From her early years in life, Maya Angelou was breaking boundaries between cultures and societies. She was reaching the hearts of the black, and white people with her world known books and autobiographies. She is known all over the world, spreading her words of wisdom and love for all those that want to write like her.