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Other Writers Influenced by Maya Angelou

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Other Writers Influenced by Maya Angelou
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     Maya Angelou is a world known author that has influenced many writers of her time period. She has influenced writes that have read her stories, that have read about her roots, and the tragedies that she has overcome.


     With her stories from the heart, she has being able to reach million and million of other authors that have felt struggles similar to hers, and have gone through the same necessity in life’s. In life, not everything is pretty colors, and roses, and many learn and grow up from the barriers in life.


     Maya Angelou is a writer that can influence writers from all over the world, because she has a universal theme of wisdom and love for all around her. She has influence writers like Bill Clinton, although not quiet a writer but a man who wrote a book about his life. He might not being following her footsteps the same way, but Maya Angelou has written many biographies.


     A true woman of honesty and strength, that has influenced the way African American writers view literature and their life events. All African American writers have something in common, the beauty with which they express their years of struggle, and depression. It is with great, description, and detail that they describe these sad adventures that are told by authors such as Maya Angelou.


     Every African Woman has a story to tell, and a dream to follow. Maya Angelou is an example for all African American women in society that are looking forward to purse a career in writing, and poetry. They can expose what they have suffered, and what they want to world to learn and know through their poetry.


     Oprah Winfrey another true writer that has her own magazine has being influenced by Maya Angelou. Oprah writing about life and inspirational subjects has often being influenced by Maya Angelou. Maya Angelou speaks very close to Oprah’s heart as a mother and a friend. They are both full of endless joy when they talk, and hours turn into minutes for them.


     It can be proudly said, that Maya Angelou has influenced every world renowned author that has read her stories. The way with which she writes, can be remember forever, and recalled at any situation. Maya Angelou literature is truly a book of live experiences, that influence the way authors write about themselves, feel about their lives, and live every day.