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 In this multimedia link, you will find three a heart touching interviews between Maya Angelou and Oprah Winfrey. Before the interview, Oprah Winfrey introduces Maya Angelou, as her one true and loving friend. In the interviews they talk about “A wonderful thing that happened to me, terrifying but wonderful”, “Nobody is ever more beautiful than 50”, and  “ Your life is defined by principles.”



In this multimedia link from BCC , Maya Angelou talks about her inspirational uncle, and his enthusiasm for mathematics.



In this multimedia link from Erika Bareng , there is a PowerPoint with slides about Maya Angelou biography, poems, and book like “ I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.”



In this multimedia link from the Hillary Clinton website, Maya Angelou talks about Mrs. Hillary Clinton. Maya Angelou expresses how she knows Hillary Clinton as a woman and a leader. Maya Angelou is proud of Hillary Clinton because she gives herself the authority to be on her own skin.



In this multimedia link from  AOL Videos, Maya Angelou recites a poem in Bill Clinton Inauguration as president. Maya Angelou  creates a poem about Bill Clinton and his destiny.