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     In this website a recent video from Maya Angelou talking about Hillary Clinton will be found. Maya Angelou is a supported and great admirer of Hillary Clinton. Maya Angelou calls Hillary Clinton  a Phenomenal Woman!

     In this webiste an interview of Maya Angelou with the Academy of Achievement will be found. An interview about Maya's personal life, and achievements can be read and printed.

     In this website a one of one conversation between Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou can be found. Oprah Winfrey said "When I am with Maya, unimportant matters melt away—her presence feels like a warm bath after an exhausting day."

     In this website an interview with Maya Angelou can be found. Maya Angelou shares what inspired her to write " A pledge to Rescue Youth", why she writes poetry, and many more interesting topics.

     In this link can be found a video in which Maya Angelou is reciting " Still I Rise." In the video there are images of the essence of the poem, of Maya Angelou, and important African American Figures.

Maya Angelou Video